Municipal House

Obecní dům
Municipal House The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Cathedral

Katedrála Nanebevzetí Panny Marie v Kutné Hoře
The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Cathedral in Kutna Hora Prague Castle

Pražský hrad
Prague Castle

Social events

Welcome party

Thursday 3 September, 19:00
Historical campus of Charles University (Karolinum) Ovocný trh 3-5, Praha 1

19:00 Welcome Cocktail will be served at the historical ground floor.
19:15 Guided tour – historical rooms

Price 40 EUR per accompanying person, the event is free of charge for registered participants, but preregistration is required.

Karolinum is the historical campus of Charles University (established 1348 by Emperor Charles IV). It's Great hall is the place of graduating ceremonies and other festive events. It is also location of the first day reception.

How to get from the hotel to Karolinum?
The first part walk is the same as the walk to the Municipal House bellow and from the point continues through Powder Tower (Prašná brána) to Ovocný trh. Karolinum is close to the classicism building of The Estate Theatre. Together it makes about 1200 m If it is not raining, it is a pleasant walk from exit of the hotel to the Na Florenci Street almost straight ahead. The path you can check here or here.

You can use bus No. 194 from Bílá Labuť stop (almost in front of exit from the hotel to Na Poříčí street) to Staroměstské náměstí stop, but the trip lasts longer than walk. You can also travel with underground (Metro), yellow line B, from Florenc station to Můstek station.

Gala Dinner

Friday 4 September, 19:30 - 23:00
Municipal House (Obecní dům), Náměstí Republiky 5, Praha 1
Price 120 EUR per person

Congress dinner at Municipal House, an Art Nouveau architecture building near the congress centre.

We would kindly remind you that early reservation is required and attendance will be limited. Please bring your Gala Dinner cards.

How to get from the hotel to Municipal House?
If it is not raining, it is a pleasant walk from exit of the hotel to the Na Florenci street almost straight ahead, continuing through V Celnici street to Náměstí Republiky square about 750 m. The path you can check here or here.

You can use underground (Metro), yellow line B, from Florenc station to Náměstí Republiky station.

Programme for accompanying persons:

Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel all tours because of very low number of registered participants.

All tours include lunch, entrance fees and transportation.

Kutná Hora tour
Thursday 3 September
Price 56 EUR / per person

St. Barbara CathedralKutná Hora is a small town situated 70 km east from Prague. It was a rich and important medieval mining and minting place. After silver ore resources had been exhausted, it became a provincional town and its historical heart remained almost untouched. Unfinished, but impressive with it's natural surroundings remains St. Barbara's Cathedral.

Unusually bright interior of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Cathedral renewed by baroque architect Jan Blažej Santini Aichl, well known Ossuary and many other monuments including small open part of medieval mine are also worth seeing.

The tour includes visit of St. Barbara`s Cathedral where a short organ concert will be held. After walk through the historical heart and lunch, Assumption of the Virgin Mary Cathedral and Ossuary in nearby Sedlec will be visited.

Karlštejn Castle
  foto: Lukáš Kalista
Karlštejn tour
Friday 4 September
Price 52 EUR / per person

Karlštejn is a medieval castle near Prague founded by Emperor Charles IV as an intended treasury for Imperial Regalia. In the Holy Cross Chapel were protected by the holy army consisting of about 130 saint patrons present in panel paintings serving at the same time as reliquaries.

Prague walking tour
Saturday 5 September
Price 40 EUR / per person

Prague Castle is one of the largest castles in the world. Its rich historical fundament and surrounding gardens were coronated by timeless adaptation by Slovenian architect Josip Plecnik in twenties and thirties of 20th century.

The walk begins in the area of the castle, goes through picturesque Malá Strana quarter, crosses Vltava River over Charles Bridge and finishes at the Old Town.

Tours run with min. 20 participants. In case of cancellation, you will be notified by e-mail.

Theatre performance

Black theatre, opera, ballet according to actual offer